Here are just a few of the many hundreds of comments that have been left on the petition pages, and from e-mails that have been sent directly to us. Some content has been edited to keep the size of this page manageable, and any profanity has been redacted. Copies of the originals are available in request, but we reserve the right to remove personal e-mail addresses, names etc.


Excerpts from e-mails:

"I am appalled to think that the elected Wrexham councillors want to demolish such  a prestigious building, beautifully situated near the centre of town. This grammar school won “ Top of the Form “  competition in the 1950s.The top school in the U.K. How times have changed!

The school educated generations of girls, who then became leaders in many aspects of public life locally and across the world.
Former head teachers and prominent members of staff provided prominent leadership in giving women the vote and gave further opportunities for girls to develop their academic and practical skills."

I have never seen a better, more dignified building than Grove Park Girls' Grammar School." - Dorothy Selleck OBE M.Ed HMI (Rtd)


"I am appalled that Wrexham Council are intending to demolish this iconic school and wish you well in your campaign to save the school.

Unfortunately Wrexham Council never listen to the wishes of the people who put them in power in the first place. Over the years they have ruined the town by knocking down various buildings, namely, the old general market which many were opposed to. What did they build in its place - the people's market which has never done well.  The old Victorian baths were again demolished years ago and replaced with the eyesore baths at Bodhyfrydd, together with the other eyesore - the police station.

Every other town and city preserve their old buildings, but Wrexham Council just seem intent on removing all the character from the town." - Pearl


"Thank you for leading the fight against this appalling decision." -  Adam


"Good luck with the campaign to save this cultural iconic building which has graced Wrexham for over 70 years." - Graham


"I have just learned from my family in Wrexham about the battle for Grove Park. To say I am incandescent with rage would be an understatement. I am an ex pupil (1954-1959) and am not surprised to hear about the council's behaviour." - Margaret



And just a few of the comments left on the petition website (there are over 600 messages at present):


This school forms part of Wrexham's has to remain.. Generations of families have walked those corridors.Without these buildings preserved in their own right,Wrexham will and is fast becoming a modern day ghost town.


I never attended Grove Park but it is a nice building and needs renovation not destruction.

I would really hate to see this beautiful old building demolished just because someone can't be bothered to put it to good use.

Too many of our beautiful buildings have been knocked down by yourselves in the past, and replaced by plastic rubbish please save and rethink to preserve some history for future generations

This is an important part of Wrexham history, a beautiful building and should be preserved for future generations.

Wrexham have the nack of ripping good buildings down and here is yet another example. Miss Copland would be turning in her grave .

Total disgrace that the council have allowed this beautiful building to fall into such disrepair that it deemed un economic to keep- or was that the plan ?

This building needs saving as it is part of Wrexham's heritage. Shame on Wrexham Council for letting it fall into disrepair. You must not demolish such an iconic building.

I call the councillors to learn from their many previous mistakes. They have made a laughing stock of Wrexham. Tearing down buildings and replacing them with tat which will not stand the test of time simply because they've had some unscrupulous backer funding it to make themselves millions. No thought has been given to the history of the town - ever!!. Don't do this to Grove Park Girls' School. It's a beautiful building with plenty of land to build along side to get the size of school required!!

Not many buildings as beautiful as this left in Wrexham. It's a landmark and holds so many memories for so many people.

I wasted my time here as a child, I would not want to see this beautiful building destroyed by an unthinking council. The teachers were none, devoted to their pupils. When I was last in Wrexham 5 years ago, I passed the School in my car, and caught my breath when I saw the ceilings caving in, in the classrooms. We need to save this iconic building. It had the most beautiful cloisters and the ghosts of the academics must still be wandering there, eternally grateful for all that this school gave.

This building CANNOT be demolished. It is beautiful and of huge historical significance to Wrexham

Diabolical that council could consider yet again of demolishing this beautiful building!! It is a HUGE part of Wrexhams heritage!!!!

Wrexham Council need to learn from past mistakes and save this building, Wrexham is losing all character and identity.

Do not demolish this building. Far too many of Wrexham's historic buildings being lost to development.

We should be saving buildings like this, too much of our history has already been demolished. A beautiful building that needs to be saved.

This should not be happening. Wrexham Council hell bent on destroying all the heritage buildings that are part of Wrexham history. More economic to knock down than renovate? Ludicrous!

This is a beautiful building it would be a disgrace if it was knocked down and replaced with a more modern building

When will Wrexham council realise we don't want arts hubs. We went our heritage protecting and saving for future generations

Save this important part of our local heritage. My mother attended this school and it's a source of dismay to see it reduced to today's condition.

Wrexham has lost too many magnificent buildings. This elegant and stylish building should be a listed building.

A truly wonderful building spent five years of my education there many happy memories. Please wrexham council dont let this building be demolished do something now with this building

Is this yet another part of Wrexhams history that the council is going to destroy?

Wrexham council are a disgrace, they should not be allowed to do this to such a beautiful building.

Something must be done to put this beautiful building to good use. It holds memories for so many people who were educated here. Think carefully before taking any decision especially if your thoughts turn towards demolition. This should not be an option!


At the rate buildings are destroyed, what legacy will we ever have to give our future generation.. ? think on people, not everything is simply bricks and mortar.


Do not let yet another historical building be destroyed by the ineptitude of our council. We've lost far too many already.


We have lost so many beautiful, historic buildings from Wrexham. It would be terrible to lose yet another one. Please consider other uses for this lovely building rather than destroying it and losing more of our heritage.


Please do not demolish this truly beautiful building, this should be a listed building, it is far too stunning to knock down and is part of our heritage and history, it should be around for many future generations... There are many other options that could be considered for this building. Please Wrexham Council, think on.


Please save this lovely old building, there's not many left in Wrexham now.


I attended Grove Park Grammer School for girls. My daughters Attended The Groves. I would love my grandchildren to have the opportunity to follow in our footsteps. What a shame it would be if this beautiful historical school should be demolished. Surely such an iconic building would be worth saving and put to good use again as a school.

I attended this school and left in 1989. It is a beautiful building. Please don't let Wrexham council destroy yet another fantastic historic building. They've destroyed our town enough


Too many lovely buildings have been demolished by Wrexham council

We have to stop knocking down all our traditional buildings and replacing them with horrendous looking eyesores. The groves building is a piece of history and should be protected.

Generations of Wrexham council have got to stop demolishing it's old and traditional Buildings and leave some character in the town !

It's absolutely shocking that the council are even considering destroying this beautiful building and its educational heritage. Wrexham Council have destroyed too many wonderful significant buildings over the years only to replace them with ugly eyesores.


It seems to be a pattern in Wrexham. Close it down, board it up, leave it to decay, declare it unsafe and sell to the highest bidder. This beautiful building should be put to use. It is our history.


Wrexham Council have destroyed too many fine local buildings over the years.


This building is too beautiful to demolish for gods sake it's part of Wrexham history, that beautiful staircase I'll remember it forever.

Don't let Wrexham council destroy even more of the towns iconic buildings

Beautiful building, it would be a shame to lose this.


I'm signing this petition because it's disgusting the way Wrexham Council are destroying our town.

Part of Wrexhams history, much of which has already been demolished.

Yet another short sighted ill costed planning department decision to demolish something rather than redevelop an existing building.


A beautiful old building that holds wonderful memories for so many, spend money and refurb please don't knock it down as other historical buildings in Wrexham have been!!!!!


Wrexham is constantly being denuded of its building heritage! Local councillors, pay heed to those that elected you


This school is part of Wrexham history. Surely the council have destroyed enough of Wrexham's historical buildings. Please don't destroy this one.


A beautiful building and part of the history of Wrexham. The main hall itself is better than many theatres in other towns!


 this is disgusting. just like the front of the old wool market 


It would be a complete waste of a beautiful building.


An iconic building, should be maintained for future generations. It was attended by my late wife during the 1950s & served her well.


I live right by here and pass it everyday - it's a building of history don't knock it down like so many other buildings in the town and replace it with an ugly new build!


Why are our local councillors so intent on destroying our heritage? That building shaped the lives of so many Wrexham people, many of us having fond memories of our time spent there. It is an imposing building and provides an impressive gateway into the town from the Chester direction.


To destroy this building now would be a betrayal of the people of Wrexham who believed it to be safe in the hands of the local authority. It would also be an extraordinary act of corporate vandalism by an authority that has an abissmable record of preserving the best features of the town.


Great building not many left in Wrexham...thanks to wmbc


A beautiful building which may not be economically viable for the current economy and council budgets, but that won't always be the case. Invest in the future of Wrexham.


We have lost too many beautiful architectural buildings in Wrexham, being replaced by ugly concrete monstrositys with no character. This should not be another building lost to be a memory.


This building should be kept, re-furbished and used. It is a beautiful building and part of Wrexham's history!


This complex is part of the history of Wrexham and the buildings are a fine example of secondary schools built in that period. The building should be retained and refurbished retaining its original architectural features.


Too easy to just knock it down lets try and retain some historic buildings in Wrexham, we have knocked down far too many already.


I attended this school and the red brick building part of the school is a beautiful historic building that should be saved and renovated to be the centre piece of the new school. The marble floors in the entrance and the staircase leading to the old school hall were grand and beautiful. The old science block was in a terrible state but this well built historical and beautiful building has got to be saved. Wrexham Council will be betraying the wishes of Wrexham people if it is demolished.


Typical of Wrexham Council! Ignore a lovely building until it falls into disrepair and then knock it down!! History repeating itself! Disgraceful!!


 Renovation surely not destruction. Too many 'new' buildings of poor quality in Wrexham already 


Typical short sighted view from Wrexham councillors, demolish a fine building and replace with a monstrosity .


This building should not be demolished it could be restored we have lost enough of old Wrexham to council modern ideas


Why destroy a school to build a school, renovation would be cheaper and keep the iconic beautiful building in the town centre.


I have to echo others, why demolish a school to build another school. Preserve Wrexham's heritage, put the building to good use until a new school is required. This is not about fighting progression, we can still progress whilst using what is already there - aren't we all encouraged to 'recycle' these days??!!


The Council should have looked after this building in the first place and stop dithering about what to do with it. The longer it's left the more it will cost, save Wrecsam's heritage and make use of the building with demolition.


Dont demolish this iconic building.

So many buildings in Wrexham have just been left to rot and then demolished, there will be no historic buildings left at this rate.


There are too many beautiful buildings being bulldozed down. It seems to be the easiest option as the Council have probably got a hearty pot of gold lined up from a builder! I hope some other option is found soon.


There is so much history in our town that we are so quick to get rid of. I find it a shame


Disappointed with the council who yet again wants to demolish a building that has been part of Wrexham history since 1938. No doubt if it goes ahead, we will have to drive past a concrete creation, a faceless building of no future historic value! Typical thinking of a council which appears to have people making these decisions who have no connection to the town or it's history.


I support the petition to save the Grove Park Girls School. Coleg Cambria were happy to remodel the beautiful building for their students . Why do Wrexham Council feel the need to demolish the building


Why another part of our heritage? Sooner we vote another party In the better


This need rescuing not destroying. History...!!!!


I attended an exhibition when Yale College were planning to take over the premises and was told by a member of the Consultants that the building was in Good Condition!


The council need to start listening to the people of Wrexham instead of riding rough shod over us and destroying Wrexham's heritage!


if they knock this down then all the council should resign


the old school should be incorporated into the new schools plans, disgraceful that wrexham council want to knock it down its a big part of our History.


Once again our council shows how clueless it is in saving our heritage


Enough old buildings destroyed. This one should have been looked after knowing the publics demand and popularity


It would be a crime to demolish this wonderful building. I attended the school from 1985-1990, it holds a lot of great memories for me & there is some amazing architectural features that would be lost. Please save this beautiful building.


Wrexham Council have demolished too many historic and valuable buildings already, do not make another mistake! Take note of what other beautiful towns and cities keep!!


The old school is a beautiful building and shouldn't be destroyed. Wrexham is losing its character and is becoming an ill conceived mish-mash of architecture. 


This is a solid, spacious building - well built and designed to serve our education services. Do not demolish yet another building Wrexham can be proud of - just to replace it with basic, characterless blocks to feed the Building Industries. It needs to be used - for the purpose it was built and remain part of our heritage in Wrexham.


The school still looks better than most new places in town and modern schools so let's keep a great link to the past


There are a lot of alternatives to demolition. The building itself is timeless, and could last for generations of properly cared for.  Do the right thing Wrexham County Borough Council. Listen to your town.


WBC should come clean, with a full explanation as to how they arrived at this recommendation. Second thoughts, they needn't bother, as all you need to do is follow the money.


This is a fantastic building, and is part of wrexham's history. It's very sturdy and has stood the test of time. It should definitely be preserved.


Too many buildings in Wrexham are being left to fall into disrepair. What next for this beautiful building....."unknown arson attack" ?


This is such an iconic building. We can't let it be demolished.


Wrexham has lost too many iconic buildings during the last 20 years, it's time to say no more to this historical carnage


Wrexham have lost all its beautiful buildings let's try and hold on to what we have left.


Wrexham Council allowed this building to deteriorate so that they would have an excuse to demolish it. They didn't think everyone would realise that this was always their agenda!!!


Wrexham has lost so many attractive and historic buildings. Let's hang onto this one!


This building should be incorporated in to any new school but NOT DEMOLISHED we have lost too many iconic buildings in Wrexham please save this one for our future generation's !!!!

The council have no idea about the towns history. Just look around and see concrete everywhere totally devoid of character. The planners and their lackys should be ashamed of themselves - totally inept, lacking character and backbone.


As usual the council dont see any further than the end of their noses.This town has seen a dramatic change in what was a lively little market town to sonething so spread out.Also it allows beautiful buildings to be demolished to make way for horredous modern which dont stand the test of time eg the police station opposite to the Groves site.The old town police station could have been demolished but for objections. It has outlived the present town one.


Yet more Wrexham heritage being demolished it's a beautiful building with charecter will be replaced with a tin shed if you want to knock something down try the guildhall


A typical response by Wrexham Council against yet another historic building.


Absolute disgrace taking this building down be nothing left of Wrexham's history if the council carry on knocking everything down because they didn't maintain it in the first place.


This should not be pulled down! Wrexham is already a shadow of its former self with the loss of many beautiful buildings that once gave the town history and character.
We only have to look to Chester and how well they have kept the character and architecture. It's time we followed suit!


Such a shame, the council really need to think about this, they've already got rid of historical buildings in Wrexham then regretted it and built carbuncles in their place! This is an iconic historical building, we need to keep it, and not just knock it down because it's cheaper to build new!!


I worked in the school for a number of year"s and it is a much stronger built school than these so called super schools.


Cannot believe this council ! the police station, an arts centre in a carbuncle car park that reeks of urine also wanted to get rid of an iconic building such as Wrexham baths and now tear down a building of beauty which has been left empty for years by them. no wonder we play second fiddle to every other town and city in the UK, we have desecrated Wrexham's cultural past. Maybe do something for the people of Wrexham and stand up to the South favouritism that goes on in the assembly instead of following party line - be transparent or go!


To demolish this building would be criminal! It means so much to so many generations of Wrexham originated people young and old. The character and style of the building is far superior to anything that any current designer could create. If the quality of design and build of the Eagles Meadow wind tunnel complex is a guide to what we could expect going forward it would be a total disaster. WBC should regard the people of Wrexham as "their Customer" and should listen to what their "Customer" is asking for, many "suppliers" in business have paid the price for not listening to that feedback and are no longer around - pity the public sector does not work the same way.....


It would be a tragedy to see this building demolished. from the red bricks, the grand staircase, the cloisters - so many amazing features. we all know wcbc have to make cut backs and money is tight but they have had flawed reports and recommendations in the past. They wanted to demolish waterworld but now realised easier and more cost effective to renovate. We want to be sure that every possible option has been considered and thoroughly investigated before this decision is made. Such a beautiful school and i really hope it can be saved and be home to more young minds.


I'm not at all happy about the proposed demolition of The Grove Park Girl's School, building. I think it's disgraceful that you are yet again destroying a beautiful piece of Wrexham'.s historical heritage. Surely, it's your duty to protect such a building as this, or is money more important than anything else now . . . I wouldn't put it past you to allow for fracking on the site too, because you clearly don't have the people of Wrexham's interest at heart. You probably won't even allow for a public consultation on the matter, as you did with the prison, that nobody in this town wanted! You are destroying Wrexham, bit by bit, with your decisions and plans. It once used to be a vibrant, proud, working class, market town, but you have killed the essence of that, and seem to be intent on changing it beyond all recognition. What's next, will you be demolishing the church!!! I wouldn't put it past your lot. I'm ashamed and sickened by your proposals and past actions, in regards to the consideration of the people of Wrexham, who actually live here and not in some posh community, on it's outskirts, who shop in Chester.


A typical move by WMBC, they are intent on taking any of Wrexham's historic buildings and demolishing them. They have systematically ruined the Town of Wrexham over many years of bad decision making. It makes you think what ulterior motive they have or wether or not they just are not the right people for the job.


Is anyone on the Wrexham council interested in preserving a bit of history in this town? I dare one of you sitting in the Guildhall to pause and think about we've lost already due to apathy and greed. The towns historical identity is being eroded away while you all approve more cookie cutter homes and cheap retail parks because it's "good" for business. Have the courage to make a stand this time around and do what's right. Save this building. Have this case examined by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) so that they may consider this a building of 'special architectural or historic interest'. Thereby making it listed and protected. Apply to grant committees, lottery funds or create your own fundraisers so that you will have the financial resources to bring it back to it's former glory. Do not stagnate on this issue; don't hide behind bureaucratic red tape and don't ignore the wishes of the people who signed up to this petition.


Don't let Wrexham Council destroy yet another piece of Wrexhams history. Why did they let the building fall into such a state of disrepair in the first place? Are they deliberately trying to destroy the towns character? Look at the "ghost town centre" they created by knocking down the vegetable market.


How could the council even consider demolition? (And as for asking what is essentially itself for permission, that's an absolute joke.) Wake up WCBC before you manage to get rid of yet another bit of Wrexham's history!!!!!


Another case of WBC reducing a substantially built property to rubble as they did with the facia of the old market. No atmosphere in the town hence no people shopping


I attended this school between 86 to 91 and it is an excellent building that could be used for any number of things. I dont want to see it go the way of all the other buildings that once gave wrexham a unique identity. The WBC needs to get out of its "Demolition" mentality.


This school is part of Wrexhams history. If as I understand it the sale to Coleg Cambria was stopped because more school places were required, surely it would make more sense to refurbish and extend this site and reopen as a school. This would seem the most sensible and economically prudent option.


I cannot remember this building not standing on the corner of Chester and Powell Roads. And yes, WHY do Wrexham Council insist on destroying our historical buildings and therefore, heritage?


I cant believe that the Council wants to demolish my old beautiful school. There will be nothing left of the Wrexham I grow up in. I thought that it could only be used as a school. Stop destroying Wrexham's heritage. 


WCBC have been allowed to destroy too many of the town's historical buildings already. This building's beautiful features should be preserved and put to good use.


Have the council lost the plot? Another landmark lost to Wrexham,


Why not just renovate the old building,,this building is part of history,why are the local council set on destroying the history of the town,preserve the character of old Wrexham,we've seen the new Wrexham and many would agree it's ugly....take a look at eagles meadow


Once again the, ‘cough’, ‘powers that be’ demonstrate their seeming total incompetence and almost dedication to destroying, even eradicating the identity and history of Wrexham. One wonders if a really thorough investigation of the path to this decision would reveal some interesting, disturbing and possibly dark findings.


Typical Wrexham council , no thought for protecting buildings with character and history .should this building be listed ?#


As someone who grew up in Wrexham in the 70s and 80s, and often returns to visit family, it's obvious that too much of the town has been trashed for quick redevelopment. It would be good to see some of its decent buildings left standing.


This school building form a very important part of the Wrexham landscape. I am a former pupil and my great grandmother was the school's cook. The building deserves to be kept for future generations and put to good use.


Wrexham Council are a bunch of xxxxxx!!!


Why destroy yet another building in wrexham the character and iconic buildings are regularly destroyed by this council's policys stop ruining this town


Another of Wrexham councils' follies.Whatever happened to the character market town of Wrexham that many off us grew up in. Demolition of character properties in Wrexham town, replaced by characterless ones i.e.Lampit Street area alone. The old Grove Park School is one of the very few testaments to Wrexhams' past, not only a handsome building but admired both by residents and visitors alike. Speaking for more than the majority in the local area that is was very disappointing that the superb plans that Cambrai had submitted for developing the Groves site could not be fulfilled,with the council deciding not to sell the property. I sincerely hope that the present council does not go down the road of previous Wrexham councils and destroy whats left of Wrexham's heritage. So sad.


Come on Wrexham councillors, do something good for the town.


Have we not lost enough of our heritage buildings already!!! Please see sense WMBC...


I attended this school from 1970 to 1975, loads of memories for me, and was proud to be there.
Usual thing with WCBC, wreck everything historical!


Simple, Groves has to stay, use it for whatever purpose it may suit. Very few buildings relating to Wrexham's heritage left. Generations of students who have studied there are scattered all over the world, what a tribute to that school. The council has allowed this building to be ravaged internally by all all types of miscontents with no proper security from the outset. Initially the widows were not boarded thus the windows were smashed allowing vandals and rough sleepers access to cause destruction. Could this of been a hidden agenda by the council to accelerate the demise of the building not forgetting that once there is no place of education on the land then the covenant could be revoked. Come on WBC man-up and be the true voice of Wrexham people.


I am so sad to see yet another of our landmark buildings on the cards for demolition. The only reason this and many other buildings in Wrexham are up for demolition is that they have been left to decline into disrepair.Wrexham was a thriving Market Town that has been striped of its lovely old buildings .Please do not let this lovely building go the same way as Steven's tea shop,Our lovely old General Market,Buildings in High Town and many more.Lets try and keep this lovely building.Wrexham council please LISTEN to the people of Wrexham and find some way to save it...


Left grove park girls site 1991. Beautiful building. SAVE MY SCHOOL!!!!!!!


Preservation not desecration should be the councils duty


Wrexham is very short of heritage and character buildings!!


If it gets bulldozed, the people of Wrexham who voted for that council in the 1st place should hang their heads in shame. The council have repeatedly demolished at the drop of a hat, yet continue to be voted in


Please let us try to save this beautiful building ...our council have made so many wrong decisions for our town they should not get away with this


Please get the council to change their mind, save this beautiful building so we can have something to show our grandchildren.


To preserve the heritage of the building. Wrexham town centre and outskirts of the area are appalling and money has been wasted in a manner that makes Wrexham look so cheap and poor. Bad management and planning to blame.


One of Wrexham's older buildings and heritage - should be lovingly kept in good condition.


Keep a bit of Wrexham's heritage the council have ruined Wrexham with their callous disposal of fine architecture over the years.


Only went in this building once, I was so taken by the architecture I nearly forgot why I was there. To the council " Please don't go against your constituent again ".


I don't understand why the sale to college cambria was stopped when they were planning on using the existing building and invest in it.
Whilst wxm council plan to knock it down ????????


It's been left to rot, this historic building needs some long overdue respect. Repurpose it. Don't bulldoze it!


This is a lovely building and it would be a shame to destroy it, I went o school and there are some lovely features , so many lovely buildings have been knocked down in wrexham there is no character to the town. LEAVE WHAT LITTLE WE HAVE LEFT


Whoever condemns this historic school to be demolished, will be adding another nail in Wrexham's coffin. This was a popular market town with historic buildings, but alas, all but totally eradicated.


If this lovely school building is demolished, yet another part of Wrexham's Heritage will disappear.


I think we need to preserve the original buildings of wrexham not demolish them . We have seen enough distruction of the original building of the town which has added to its demise.


This was given for educational purposes for god sake Why can't this become a secondary school for the medium of Welsh we need another one


We really shouldn't keep knocking buildings like this down in Wrexham! In any other town or city like Shrewsbury or Chester they would do all they can to protect their history. Stop letting the town of Wrexham down and start protecting ours!


Do not take away another part of Wrexham history. So much has been knocked down previously. To do so with this building would be an absolute crime


Demolition should NOT be an option for this beautiful old building... To raze it to the ground is just another nail in the coffin for this once thriving town! Shameful decision making !


Typical of Wrexham council letting a good building go to waste just so it can be knocked down are they ever going to learn that the people of Wrexham should have a say in the matter.




Why demolish a part of Wrexhams history, then probably replace the building with a modern design with no character? This building could be used as the Police Station or the 'Art' Centre that it seems Wrexham so desperately needs.......think the council and powers that be need a major rethink on this!


Loss of another fine building which could have been avoided if coleg cambria had taken it over. It has been allowed to deteriate since its temporary use by bryn offa. Surely other sites could be found in the borough for any new schools.


Over the years past and present Wrexham councils have destroyed/demolished so much of Wrexham's heritage only to replace it with what Prince Charles would refer to as 'carbuncles'. Indeed, he commented to that effect on seeing the current police station. Grove Park School must not be destroyed.


Such beautiful herring bone brickwork shame to destroy all of that


I think the council are leaving this building to fall into disrepair so that they can then be unchallenged in demolishing this building, which is what they wanted to do all along, this is an iconic building in Wrexham and should be saved


Love the idea of college students working on it. It could be a real community hub and house small local businesses within it to pay for the up keep.


This building is a landmark.When coming into town via Chester Road it certainly catches you eye.Wrexham has list too many lovely old,beautiful building due to bad planning decisions by previous councils. The town now looks like a jumble of 'modern' eyesores.


This school is part of Wrexham's heritage. The fact that it was built under a covenant for Education purposes should be enough to warrant its preservation. It is extremely well built and the roof looks to be in good repair. There is no point knocking it down, at the exorbitant expense quoted, when a little maintenance proves more economic. To bulldoze a beautiful, strongly made building and replace it with a new one with a prospective life of 20-40 years is short sighted vandalism. Please reconsider and et it out, in good repair, to an organisation that will use it. Thank you.


This building is part of so many peoples past. It is a part of Wrexham's heritage. It should not be pulled down!!


Wrexham council have destroyed much of the town . Hopefully they will not destroy one of the last remaining beautiful buildings


More cultural vandalism by WCBC. Deliberately engineered? Just heard the council will go ahead with the demolition.


I always foresaw Wrexham County Borough Council demolishing this piece of Wrexham's culture and history. Another blow for the town. When will the Council learn from past mistakes, that bulldozing heritage is detrimental. It is repeating the mistakes of the past, as with the former Vegetable Market facade fiasco and the debacle of the clearance of business premises on Bridge Street/Penybryn, with both areas being bomb sites for years, being replaced with unimaginative buildings that compare poorly with what they replaced. Do't do it WCBC and learn from your mistakes and from the example of your rival city of Chester, where they value heritage.


I have commented on this website and I confirm that I am opposed to the demolition of this important building by WCBC. It is counter to WCBC's supposed green credentials if it opts to demolish a building that can be preserved to keep some history and cultural status in the town centre which has been blighted by redevelopment.


A jewel in an ocean of new builds. This is worth saving,it has merit on so many levels, as a beautiful building, a landmark, a place of special memories and something our children should regard as heritage. When all the architechtural symbols of the town are gone, this one will be most regretted. Whatever is planned for the site will never be as impressive or unique as this little bit of dwindling and neglected treasure.


What other council would knock down an excellent building and consider replacing with an inferior one?


There are not many buildings of historic significance left in Wrexham. It will be terrible if another is lost forever due to a greedy council that cares nothing about the towns heritage


In just a few days WCBC. has decided to demolish one of Wrexham's most beautiful buildings and with indecent haste has voted to carry out this wanton destruction, all of this done without any consultation with the very people who voted them into office. The town has enough derelict sites which have been left unused for years, without destroying the last vestige of Wrexham's heritage to create yet another. The costs of demolition and the redevelopment of the site will ultimately cost far more than saving the building and making it into a school once again. This is a disgraceful act by a disgraceful council, who seem hell bent on ignoring public opinion and ruining what little is left of the town. 


Think it's absolutely disgusting that a building of such beauty outside and inside should be demolished. If the council are so forward thinking, surely when it first became vacant, they could have found a use for it.( Adult education) No like everything else let it rot then we can knock it down. Don't consult the people of Wrexham, oh no god forbid they have a say in what happens in Wrexham. 


Most of Historical buildings in Wrexham are left to go to rot and then demolished - thats the council for you, there is nothing much in Wrexham now and it`s too spread out, and the Council want City status, I would rather go to Chester were the history is kept for all to see and they are proud of there past, shame on Wrexham Council.


This beautiful building once closed was never properly protected, the only protection being put in place following damage - reactive rather than pro-active. What a sad waste of a valuable resource. Shame om WCBC if they now take the irreversible step proposed. This has happened far too often in Wrexham, which has lost much of its history and its heart.


Terrible decision Wrexham Council, the lack of consultation and speed this decision had been made should be investigated by an independent party.


Wrexham council should start consulting the public before making these decisions they have ruined wrexham Town centre it is starting to make me wonder what they are gaining from letting all these buildings rot and then demolish them for what yet another Supermarket maybe ?


This building was built with local bricks and Welsh Slate. The carbon is tied in to this building. A new building will require new bricks that will possibly come from outside the UK and will use up energy needlessly. People from Wrexham nid beyond. Very fond of this building. It is a well designed and attractive structure which is a good example of early 20th century architecture. It should be saved. It would make an excellent museum or even a school!


I can't understand why the council would want to knock down such a building in Wrexham. We don't have many like this left, with so much history. Surely it would be worth while to upgrade this instead and use the building again?


Far too many of Wrexham's "Heritage" sites have been taken over and demolished by the local Council in the name of "progress". Unfortunately, the sites are either left undeveloped, or turned into buildings that are totally out of keeping with the rest of this historic market town. This land also has a covenant upon it, that it should only be used for educational establishments... Let's see something better than cheap housing thrown up on this site...


I watched the live webcast of the council discussion ending with the decision to demolish this beautiful building. It was a travesty. It was clear that a decision had been made regarding the building's future prior to the meeting. At no time were the executive board paying any attention to the many representations made by council members. All of the council members who spoke asked why the council was in such a hurry to demolish the building. None of them received an answer from the exec board. Neither has the Welsh assembly member for Wrexham. What's really going on here?


This damn Council keep demolishing this TOWN'S (NOT would-be city) history then wonders why it's become a ghost of its former self now only filled with temporary and 99p shops. Just look up the road to Chester to see how to do it, history, crowds of shoppers, atmosphere, businesses and they deserve to be a CITY!


I am a local builder who has always admired this building. It would be Criminal to demolish this lovely quality brick building which can be put to so many uses. I cannot believe Councillors have voted to demolish this Historical building which has so much potential!


Do not demolish the remainder of our beautiful school, which should be preserved and refurbished as part of Wrexham's heritage. A handful of people with a bit of power should not be allowed to ride roughshod over the citizens of Wrexham . Demolition is planned for April this must not be allowed to happen. I believe Graham Evans Wrexham's previous Chief Planning Officer now sadly deceased would be turning in his grave as he truly cared about preserving Wrexham's heritage. Remember Wrexham Council Exec Board have members who are Wrexham born and bred they should hang there heads in shame .


Philistines ... hands off!!!


Let us hope that Wrexham CB Councillors learn by the past mistakes of their predecessors & open their eyes to the carnage that they brought upon our once beautiful town!!


Rebuild not demolish,learn from the eyesore that is eagles meadow we like our towns old buildings LEAVE THEM ALONE


If this building can survive years of neglect, it can surely outlast and subsequent building with Wrexham's usual life expectancy of 40yrs, (as said with Plas Madoc and many others).


Don't destroy Wrexham any more. Not many lovely buildings left. This building could be restored to former glory and put to very good use.


Grove Park School stands out as a building of significant historical interest. Too many of Wrexham's historical and beautiful buildings have been destroyed in the name of progress or to line somebody's pocket. It's about time Wrexham planners think about what used to make the town great and strive to make it great again


This is a lovely historical building that is part of Wrexham's heritage and should not be demolished . If it is not required for educational purposes then it could be used for cultural purposes.


This was an impressive building that I attended during 1960s. It made a real impact on me and it has to be worth renovating and preserving. The clusters, the balcony, the elegance of the whole place... Please preserve it.


Wrexham people should decide what happens to this building.
WCBC show they are useless at making decisions look at our town!


It is time to stop vandalising Wrexham's heritage. This has happened several times in the past and such action is not representative of the voter's views.


It is an utter disgrace that the council are even contemplating tearing down this beautiful building, let alone that they have agreed it! Absolutely shocking, hoping that they'll see sense and that save this beautiful build.


It's a disgrace what Wrexham council is doing to this town .The people of Wrexham deserve to be considered when making such big decisions time and time again we are seeing our town ripped apart


Many happy memories from attending bromfield 1980-1985 Please don't tear it down. Refurb recycle and let it be reborn!


Let's preserve some of Wrexham's past before it all goes. This is a good building so make use of it.


This building should not be knocked down. It's part of wrexhams history and too much of that has vanished already


Save Grove Park Girls' School! Listen to members of the public - do not knock down a beautiful building


Don't let the council destroy another part of 'old Wrexham'. The council need to reclaim money they spent on security at Grove Park, it wasn't carried out well.


Should have been passed to Yale College years ago to be sympathetically preserved and used like the Boys School.


Why destroy something so significant. This is a beautiful building. Turn it back into a school or find another use.


Ex-P.E. teacher, many moons ago when Miss Copland was Head Mistress! A building of so much character deserves to be treasured. Think again Councillors before more of our heritage is destroyed.


Time to realise Councillors that all your decisions on buildings in the last 20 years have been fundamentally flawed and ripped the character out of our town "einsteins " definition of insanity was People doing the same things and expecting different results .


Why do wrexham councilors always want to rip the history out of the town,' and put new buildings up which probably last about twenty years.


Shame on you Wrexham Council!


Too much of Wrexham's heritage has already been lost. Once gone it can never be recovered.


The building needs to be saved not destroyed , the council have taken away most of Wrexham's beautiful buildings I hope this one isn't going to be another one.
I hope that the people of Wrexham are heard on this one.


A wonderful building both inside and out. A wonderful marble staircase to the hall, cloisters and parquet flooring. A great shame to lose this building. Far too good for demolition. Part of Wrexham's heritage.


There are many good, constructive ideas in these comments for saving and using this fine building. Surely there has to be an end to the officially-sanctioned vandalism which has been visited upon Wrexham in the last 20 years. As someone else pointed out, red-brick buildings in Chester have been preserved and "re-purposed".


Should this building be demolished, let those that voted for this action suffer the same fate come election time.


Thinking of demolishing this building is bad enough but then plan to build two primary school in an area that already has five schools in a radius of one mile is madness. This site is calling out to be part of Cambria college where the building could be included in an excellent post 16 education establishment. Please WBC. don't make another mistake and destroy yet another piece of our heritage and our young people's future.

Every time Wrexham TC build something new it is a horrendous carbuncle!


A lot of my friends support this movement; it seems to me that too many people care about the preservation of this building.


Councillors need to listen to the wishes of their electorate and preserve this important part of Wrexham's heritage.


Another wrong decision by Wrexham council who have already taken the soul out of Wrexham town - Grove Park school is part of our history !


Why are the council demolishing another iconic building? Wrexham has already lost its soul due to the loss of many historic buildings. Surely we should be trying to preserve whats left.


Wrexham Council must be stopped from demolishing another of the towns historical buildings. Judging by what they have done to the town to date they are useless.


If members of Wrexham Council don't think aspects of Wrexham's heritage are worth preserving perhaps they should resign.


Absolutely disgusting. How typical! How can any self respecting person allow this to happen?


Pritchard is just a vandal vote him out


This council never listens to its electorate. Disgraceful it has been left for so long, someone has to accept responsibility.


Very sad to hear the news about the demolition. Unfortunately, it makes no difference to the powers that be in Wrexham Council (we need a drastic change of council leaders-have done so for many years as they they have no regard for what this means for so many people in Wrexham (I went to the Grove Park-across the road but I will still be sad to see 'Bromfield' disappear forever). The powers that be are too complacent as they have no real challenge to their positions-we need councillors who care about our heritage-I don't care which party they come from. Another piece of Wrexham that will soon be gone.

Wrexham is losing so many of its beautiful buildings and they are being replaced by eye-sores. The heart is being ripped out of the town. It is a disgrace.


Please don't demolish beautiful building, listen to the people for once and not your bank balances, for the amount that the council have made out of this historic building over the years of so called looking after it, should set them up for a good few years. I went to this school, I loved the building and it has moulded me into the person I am today and my mum had to pass exams to get in to it many years ago, but she was always proud of it, she also worked there for many years, unfortunately she passed away in dec 2015, so saving this school is more than just a building its part of my family, as all my brothers and sisters went there too. Please save this stunning building.


Wrexham has enough featureless so called modern buildings so I urge the council not to demolish this wonderful building


This school could of been put to better use had the council done something sooner
Is there something that the council is not telling the public and are their excuses for demolition just a cover ?.


This building is one of the few of distinction in the town, it deserves to be recognised and retained unlike some of the latest constructions built by recent council decisions….. which are ugly and unlikely to last a fraction of time, the baths, law courts buildings and police station to name but a few. Some time ago city status was under debate in the town, what on earth would be a reason for considering that in the town when every building of historical and cultural significance seems to be given a death wish by certain council persons……..


Sounds like the same scenario that Wrexham Council gave about the old Market Hall about keeping the fascade, then proceeded to knock that down too, Wrexham Council have no idea how to keep any of their older buildings no one there cares that Wrexham has no history anymore and I am sure that £900k has not been spent on keeping it, maybe some of that was used in the knocking down of the old gym. It is just an excuse so that they can put up social housing nothing more!


This is a fight on two fronts. Firstly, it is to save an historic building that makes a significant contribution to enhancing the appearance and character of our town (as opposed to the growth in soulless, modern structures that portray Wrexham as a cheap, 'chav' town). And secondly, it is to show the council that it is out of touch with the vast majority of the electorate in Wrexham.
A town's appearance and character is a reflection of the intellect and imagination of it's elected council and so I guess that is why so many of us are no longer proud to be associated with a town we once loved. The situation is not irreversible, but to re-establish Wrexham as a leading town in North Wales and the Marches, we need our council to come to it's senses. Preserving the future of the former Grove Park Girls' School building would be a great start.


It's imperative that the former school building remains. Wrexham as lost much of its historical sites (Acton Hall, Alexandre School and countless other properties). If we few Wrexham today what have we got? I spoke to an individual who came back to Wrexham to visit family. They hadn't been to Wrexham since the early eighties. They where dismayed and horrified by the change to a once beautiful architectural town. To use their terminology Wrexham is now a mish - mash of pig pen-esk buildings, devoid of warmth and character!!! So it's imperative what little Wrexham as got left should remain, and we mustn't forget also the properties on Grovenor Road which have been left to decline also.


I went to Wilmington, North Carolina in the autumn. This is a faded town that people had written off. Many local people took the correct view that you could go like lemmings into total decline or stand up and revive your town. Our tour group met local personality the very aged Bob Jenkins. His view was that the new and the old had to be cultivated hand in hand if tourism and prosperity was to return. In terms of historic buildings he argued “One, don’t tear anything down. Two, maintain the character of what’s here. And three, use it, but use it creatively”.

Of course, if you have no sense of history and architectural beauty this message is not for you. Whilst I understand the facts of the past mis-management of the Grove Park School plot, and the fact that silly money has been spent, why oh why is demolition not the last option when others have been put on the table

This is a beauful building being demolished due to financial reasons alone. The cost of Wrexhams heritage spans far beyond cost, and we have as a town already lost over the years a great many irreplaceable buildings. Replaced by modern bland buildings. Lets hope our voice makes a difference.


Slowly destroying Wrexham with yet again of another beautiful building to be pulled down..shame on you Wrexham Council you are stuffing up yet again!


Wrexham council seem determined to destroy / removed all of our historic buildings. We should aim to be a historic market town to encourage visitors, instead of an empty tin / breeze block city.


Is there no pride left in Wrexham council members? Are they not proud of Wrexham's heritage, is their only aim to destroy all that Wrexham was and could be again. Saving Grove Park girls and any other historical buildings that remain still standing is an important step towards saving Wrexham's heritage which is something we should all be proud of. Step back and think what do you want people to see when they live in or visit our town. Old buildings give us a focus on what we were as a community and what we achieved and should inspire us to invest as wisely as our ancestors when it comes to town planning.


If this was the right decision involving an unsafe or unimportant building, AND the community had been convinced, and involved, in the decision then... maybe. But it is not the right decision. Does the building really have no merit? Or do WCBC just not know how to consult, or make decisions? Or are they just anti Grove Park? Does the name Grove Park conjure bad memories because they were such good schools?


Disgusted by the plans to demolish such a beautiful building. Wrexham council you should be ashamed at your underhanded tactics. What is this? A game of who can get the biggest backhander.


Just another step in the plan to wipe out anything of architectural importance in Wrexham. I remember coming to Wrexham in 1960. What a lovely little Market Town it was.


Wrexham used to be a town of culture and interest, now it is just dire. Successive councils have removed buildings of interest and replaced them with faceless units that, within a few years, lay run down and empty. How can they keep getting these things so wrong, surely they should be working for the benefit of the town and its people?


As an ex Grove Park girl in the 1950s I was horrified to see how derelict the inside of the building is. This school MUST be saved, For Wrexham and the possible use it could have for further education for the children if the town and their futures.


My sister and I both went to see the school recently and commented on how good the roof and the brickwork look. Surely another use can be found for such an important building.


Wrexham council needs to stop destroying our town


Wrexham council are nothing but back door dealers whome continuously are making underhanded deals, people of wrexham be aware of councillors and council workers they are out to destroy wrexham and are at present trying to compulsory purchase land near riddley wood Isycoed Holt to sell off for solar farms. Taking farmers lively hood away from generations of farmers. It's diabolical. I went to the groves it's an amazing building.


Save this iconic building please. It is well built and will outlast any modern structure several times over.


Shame on who ever makes the decision to knock it down


I have no confidence in Wrexham Council the decisions they make about our town of Wrexham. The councill never ask the people of Wrexham what we want and have destroyed Wrexham to what it is today.


I was a pupil at this wonderful school in the 1950's. Please don't demolish. It could be used for so many other purposes to benefit Wrecsam. It could even return to being the school with such a high standard of education that it enjoyed years ago. A school for Wrecsam to be proud of again,


Over the years the Council has destroyed what was a lovely market town. For once do the right thing and look after Wrexham's heritage instead of destroying it.


Wrexham councillors are vandals, when the Groves moved to St David , we suspected it was to let it become derelict so it could be demolished and the prime land use to the highest bidder. 


This is a handsome building of its time. Please retain it and restore to its former glory. Add to it for the 21st century and create once more a fantastic educational establishment as it was in the past. Wrexham council needs to listen before it is too late. Too often in the past they have wielded the sledgehammer to buildings in the town and upset the locals.


This smells of corruption in Wrexham council, back handers and favours. Who is it exactly who is refusing to release details of the covenants. Name the person and ask them to justify their actions. And the SOH awareness campaign needs to increase exponentially before some sneaky official sends the bulldozers in one quiet morning.


Wrexham Council has destroyed what was a lovely market town. Do the right thing now and save Grove Park School buildings. Start listening to your voters.


The building was not maintained for many years while it was still being used as the Groves. Our Council has allowed a beautiful building to be neglected for too long . We need this restored rather than an unneeded and unwanted Arts Hub.


Do the green thing and reuse this building, rather than bulldoze our heritage.


Good luck. Don't let Wrexham become any more soulless than it already is. Let's keep our heritage ours.


To demolish this building would be official vandalism on a grand scale. This is a well designed, craftsman created building of functional layout embellished with beautiful herringbone brickwork outside and parquet herringbone flooring in the classrooms. It is a quality building throughout that is beautifully complemented by the stylish sweeping twin art deco staircases that lead to the great hall gallery. An inspirational setting in which to receive an education that with relatively little outlay, (compared to new build), could be brought back into use.
If it is no longer required for educational purposes it offers itself as a magnificent centre for the arts & with sympathetic alterations and additions could even be the theatre that has long been on Wrexham`s wish list.
This building has a great presence at a strategic location on the ring road and should be given the civic pride status that it deserves.
Wake up councillors,before it is too late, this building is a PRICELESS ASSET not a liability; It must not be destroyed.


This is one of the very few buildings in Wrexham that has so much personal and historic value for so many. The town is becoming very segmented with very little of our heritage left.


This building was left with a strict proviso on its use. Wxm council must not look for ways to skirt around the le act but on ways to keep this beautiful building.


This building is part of the Wrexham landscape and iconic landmark. Typical Wrexham council bent n destroying anything with heritage!!


It is a beautiful building less than one hundred years old. It would make a lovely combined primary and secondary school for the future. The council will never be able to afford to replace it with a primary school that matches its quality. Its beauty should be enhanced with a modern touch rather than destroyed and lost for ever. They don't build them like they used to is becoming more and more the case. Save rather than destroy.


A typical response by Wrexham Council. All the decent buildings in Wrexham have long gone let us keep this iconic building for future generations.



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